Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Alfonso Quiroz

“I’ve been in Queens for more than two decades and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve always been a history buff and love living in the historic district of Jackson Heights with my husband Jeff Simmons, who works with nonprofits and is a host on WBAI 99.5 FM.

Meet Your Neighbor: Toolarie Iqbal

"In my early years, social work was never something I thought I’d be interested in. I have close to twenty years of experience in the field of science. I left the lab and jumped into social services.

Meet Your Neighbor: Rebecca Stewart

"During SYEP this summer, I didn’t think I would like the experience that much, and I figured I would be doing it solely for the money.

Meet Your Neighbor: Shenalee Kanthiarachchi

"I learned about QCH through the SYEP program and my school. I was surprised I didn’t know about the organization sooner since it’s located in my local neighborhood. I joined SYEP at the age of 15 in hopes of getting some pocket cash but most importantly work experience.

Meet Your Neighbor: Daniel Dominguez

“I was born and raised in Jackson Heights for 11 years before I had to move out. Since then, I'd been longing for an opportunity to come back home. Then I came across QCH's Beacon Community Center at PS 149Q.

Meet Your Neighbor: Patrick Donnelly

"Having grown up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, I never thought the sense of community that defined my upbringing could be replicated in a city like New York.

Meet Your Neighbor: Michael Perlman

"I’m a 5th generation Forest Hills resident and Chair of Rego-Forest Preservation Council, which takes great pride in documenting the neighborhood’s architectural and cultural history.

Meet Your Neighbor: Victoria Molina

"I just completed my freshman year at the High School for Arts & Business. During the early part of the school year, I kept hearing great things about the impact of QCH’s Access for Young Women program on adolescents and young adults, so I decided to join.

Meet Your Neighbor: Connie

“I was with QCH Queens Center for Gay Seniors when it began, back when it was in Astoria. I’ve been coming outside to celebrate lgbtq+ pride since the first parade in Queens. This might be my last one, hopefully not, but here I am.” 

Meet Your Neighbor: Frank Zhao

"Having lived in Queens, 'the world’s borough' for a long time, as an immigrant, I really enjoy spending my time at QCH, where I've been able to take language classes and play table tennis.

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