Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Nevaeh Michael

“Before transferring to QCH at Voyages South High School, it was difficult for me to go to school every day due to my anxiety. A really big school with so many people always made me nervous.

Meet Your Neighbor: Paul Khahera

“I came to Queens as an immigrant from India in 1972. I currently live in Forest Hills.

Meet Your Neighbor: Afra Haque

"I was initially introduced to QCH through positive feedback from peers at my school who had participated in the program and shared their experiences. Witnessing their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the program motivated me to enroll and become actively involved in QCH.

Meet Your Neighbor: Gabriela Mayorga

"The work I engage in revolves around fostering connections between MetroPlus Health and our communities. We strive to empower the health of all New Yorkers by collaborating with various organizations, partners, and providers who share our mission.

Meet Your Neighbor: Shanelle Pierre

"I have been a Queens Childcare Network (QCCN) affiliated provider since February 2023. I opened my licensed family group program in 2022. This year, I applied to the Queens Economic Development Center - Queens Tech and Innovation Contest.

Meet Your Neighbor: Principal McKenna

"I’ve been working with QCH for over 5 years now as partners in the Learning To Work (LTW) program. I've worked hand in hand with QCH leadership and staff to form a strong partnership at Queens Satellite.

Meet Your Neighbor: Hyeyun Shin

"While volunteering for the Friendly Visiting program at QCH, I've had the invaluable opportunity to connect with a senior neighbor.

Meet Your Neighbor: Ivelisse Paniagua

"I work for Ponce Bank, a community Bank that supports community members often overlooked by larger banks. We work with all sorts of neighbors, from young folks who have never worked with a bank to small businesses with diverse financial needs.

Meet Your Neighbor: Marvin Quintero

“I graduated with a cybersecurity degree from SUNY. As I scouted for IT job opportunities, I kept seeing a job requirement of multiple years of experience, which I didn’t have. So I widened my search to more jobs in different industries.

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