Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Lester Upson

“I started working at QCH when I was 24 years old. At first, I figured I’d probably be here for about a week or two. It turned into 42 years and counting. It’s been such a pleasure working with everybody at QCH.

Meet Your Neighbor: Sebastian Sanchez Becerra

"At first, I thought I was never going to graduate from college. When I connected with QCH’s College Access and Success Program (CASP), they introduced me to important college programs and gave me guidance on helpful resources that I didn’t know about.

Meet Your Neighbor: Djeneba

"During covid, just like everyone else, I felt alone and needed some sort of emotional and social support during these confined times. Access for Young Women (AFYW) was that support for me.

Meet Your Neighbor: Sarah Wang

"One of the most important women in my life is my mother. She treats me and my sister so well, and she is such an inspiration to me when it comes to staying motivated and determined to succeed. She came to America when she was only 18 and went straight into working to make money.

Meet Your Neighbor: Salma Muhammad-Jover

"I have been a member of QCH's Access for Young Women (AFYW) program for some years now. At AFYW, our goals, dreams, our fears, and even our daily dose of complaining are put in conversation.

Meet Your Neighbor: Assistant Principal Dalia Benaissa

"With it being Women's History Month, I have been thinking about what it means to be a woman in leadership.

Meet Your Neighbor: Rob MacKay

"I’ve worked for the Queens Economic Development Corporation for about 12 years. I’ve also written two books on the borough with Arcadia Publishing: Historical Houses of Queens and Famous People of Queens.

Meet Your Neighbor: Lianne Persaud

“I learned about Queens Community House through Queens College, where I’m currently studying to be an environmental studies major with a minor in urban planning.

Meet Your Neighbor: Ken Pao

“After I moved to Jackson Heights over a year ago, I kept passing by the Queens Center for Gay Seniors every day.

Meet Your Neighbor: Rita Morales

"When I was in high school, there was a program that focused on helping students prepare for college, and I loved the counselor there.

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