Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: JC Amorini

“I am really honored to come aboard as the new Assistant Director for the Queens Center for Gay Seniors.

Meet Your Neighbor: Alena Klee

"The running joke in the Connecticut town where I grew up was that there were more cows than people. There were only about 1200 people in the entire town, and I had to drive 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store.

Meet Your Neighbor: Dieveuil

"Volunteering has had such a valuable and positive affect on me. As a volunteer, I reap the satisfaction of becoming engaged in my community. There are many benefits from volunteering such as developing communication skills, learning teamwork, and solving problems.

Meet Your Neighbor: Grace Vera

“I think being civically engaged is crucial for any teenager.

Meet Your Neighbor: Alma Reyes

“I waited for 28 years to be able to vote, and I was finally able to last November. I felt so empowered and happy to be a part of a democracy.

Meet Your Neighbor: Delores

In response to COVID-19, all Queens Community House (QCH) programs began conducting wellness assessments with their program participants to respond to challenges related to health, housing, food access, and financial stability.

Meet Your Neighbor: Anne-Kenya Dubuisson

“I think it’s important to teach my son to be involved in his community and help him realize he has the power to contribute to creating change in his community and in the world. He will be able to encourage his peers to advocate for themselves and for others.

Meet Your Neighbor: Konrad

“I’ve been gay all my life. I don’t know exactly when and how. I worked in the bars since 1970 something until like 2001. I worked at a bar on 14th street and 10th avenue. I was a bar boss.

Meet Your Neighbor: Issnando Cocco

Meet Issnando, a program participant at Queens Connect! Issnando talks about why he joined the program and learning from Chef Rob!

Meet Your Neighbor: Richard

“In 1969, I was 19 years old and I saw a very small news article in The New York Daily News saying homosexuals were rioting. They did not refer to us as the gay and lesbian community. I finally came out of the closet at 25 years old, when I realized what Stonewall was basically all about.

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