Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Rita Morales

"When I was in high school, there was a program that focused on helping students prepare for college, and I loved the counselor there.

Meet Your Neighbor: Priya Pal

"My first connection to QCH was through the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), which gave me an opportunity to gain invaluable job experience. Thanks to SYEP, I learned about QCH’s Neighborhood Intergenerational Chore and Errand (NICE) program.

Meet Your Neighbor: Principal Bleiberg

"As a teacher, my journey started in nursery and pre-k. Since then, I’ve worked in public, private, charter, and special education settings at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Everything changed for me when I came to QCH Voyages Prep High School.

Meet Your Neighbor: Kiki

“I’ve been going to the Pomonok Community Center for seven years. When I’m here, I really enjoy playing ping pong for exercise and keeping me sharp. When you get older, it’s a great exercise against Alzheimer’s. Also, because of my work, I have a lot on my mind and sometimes struggle to sleep.

Meet Your Neighbor: Sandy Needham

“I lived in my old apartment in Manhattan for 34 years. When I started to think about retirement, Jackson Heights in Queens was at the top of my list of places, mainly because of the convenient transportation.

Meet Your Neighbor: James

Queens neighbors, meet James, a Generation Q participant. In this video, we learn how James was able to find community at our LGBTQ+ youth program and develop his skills to advocate for queer youth.


Meet Your Neighbor: - Daye Lochansingh

“I resigned from my job in the City because I was feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. In the meantime, I started working part-time in a supermarket and initially said to myself that I would work there until I found something that makes me happy.

Meet Your Neighbor: Shivani Patel

"I've always had a passion for helping others, in any way I could. After losing my dad at the age of 17, I put a lot of my focus in school and doing what I could to make him proud. I was balancing my studies while also being a caretaker for my grandma.

Meet Your Neighbor: Arden Boyle

"I moved to New York four years ago from a suburban town in North Carolina. Lifestyle is very different here, but pursuing a career in the performing arts in New York has always been my dream. 

Meet Your Neighbor: Cazmiera Wise

"My husband and I raised our four sons in Pomonok. I worked in Healthcare for over 15 years, but when COVID happened, I left my job to stay home with my sons and help them with school. Thankfully, the Pomonok Community Center has always been there to provide support for our family,

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