Meet Your Neighbor: Shenalee Kanthiarachchi

"I learned about QCH through the SYEP program and my school. I was surprised I didn’t know about the organization sooner since it’s located in my local neighborhood. I joined SYEP at the age of 15 in hopes of getting some pocket cash but most importantly work experience. Nowadays, experience is everything and being able to have a head start was extremely important to me. During my SYEP experience, I truly enjoyed meeting different people and various social groups that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I didn’t put myself out there. Learning how to communicate and work as a team alongside fellow co-workers and supervisors was crucial in building my people skills and confidence. This summer, my SYEP took place at the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center. I worked as a Parks Recreation worker and an Aquatics Trainee. At times, my co-workers and I were paid to learn how to swim, can you believe that? After almost three years of doing SYEP, I constantly urge my friends and family around me to take part in SYEP. It’s convenient since it takes place during the summer and it opens doors to so many job opportunities in various fields. SYEP is a valuable opportunity for anyone from the age of 14-24 to gain insight (and cash) in numerous fields of work. Plus, you might even make some important connections and relationships along the way!"

- Shenalee Kanthiarachchi, QCH SYEP Participant

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