Meet Your Neighbor: Patrick Donnelly

"Having grown up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, I never thought the sense of community that defined my upbringing could be replicated in a city like New York. However, upon moving to Forest Hills in early 2020 and getting involved with QCH shortly after, those expectations were quickly shattered. I’ve found that Forest Hills can just as easily feel like a small town where neighbors know each other, and locals pride themselves in being a part of the community.

As an independent Financial Planner, my involvement with QCH started when I met the Director of Corporate Partnerships, Raul Flores at a Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Raul presented me with the opportunity to provide financial literacy workshops throughout the QCH network, which I quickly embraced. Now, nearly 12 workshops later, I’ve found my involvement to be one of the single most rewarding elements of my job.

I never thought that this small-town kid, now turned Queens business owner, could rediscover what it’s like to be a part of a thriving, tight-knit community so far from home. But that’s exactly what QCH offers to those who are willing to lend a helping hand."

- Patrick Donnelly, QCH Volunteer

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