Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Your Neighbor: Iluan McCollum

In 1946, my grandfather and his six brothers started an industrial landscaping company in Jamaica, Queens. In their first 20 years, the company expanded and became the first and largest black owned construction company in New York. Today, L.B.

Meet Your Neighbor: Mohamed Sanoh

I’m going to be an engineer when I grow up, so I practice building things everyday in my afterschool program. When my friends need something made out of paper, they come to me because I’m creative and so fast.

Meet Your Neighbor: Constance Vien

When I came to New York, I had $60 in my pocket and three suitcases to my name.  I slept on the toilet at Port Authority with my feet up so no one would see me.  After a few weeks, I found a job as a factory seamstress in Brooklyn.

Meet Your Neighbor: Linda Rufo

I’ve been creating art ever since I was a child.  I spent years under my mother’s piano sketching my father and reading music books. Growing up in my country, art wasn’t considered a necessity, so when it came time for college, my mother pushed me to become a doctor.

Meet Your Neighbor: Mikki Azarcon

When I first started cutting hair, I was averaging about 80 customers a day from my house in Woodside.  Back then I was a household name. Everyone was talking about the Filipino kid that opened up a shop at his mom’s basement.

Meet Your Neighbor: Ashley Stewart

I enrolled in Voyages South Transfer High School to make a change in my life. My friends were graduating all around me, and I was still many credits away.

Meet Your Neighbor: Cesar Martinez

As an architect, I used to design projects in my country, Dominican Republic. I never considered moving to the United States, but one day, I was robbed at gunpoint in my house. Nothing was the same after that. This, and other details, led me to travel all over the US.

Meet Your Neighbor: Hudson Navy

I was born in Iraq and earned my degree in Electronic Engineering in Israel. Then I moved to New York to begin my career. I worked in engineering for many years.

Meet Your Neighbor: Kevin Bucca

This week's Meet Your Neighbor comes to you in a special Video Feature.

Meet Kevin Bucca of QCH's YABC Program in John Adams High School.

Meet Your Neighbor: Nefertara Moses

Years ago, I was a young mom working two jobs when an injury put me out of work.

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