Queens Community House Ofrece Clases de Inglés Gratuítas

Queens Community House Ofrece Clases de Inglés Gratuítas

Inscripciones para clases de primavera inician este Viernes, 19 de Abril en Queens Community House, Centro Forest Hills.

Impacto Latino: Nueva York refuerza la lucha por sus inmigrantes

Nueva York refuerza la lucha por sus inmigrantes | March 21, 2019: Actualmente la Ciudad de Nueva York es hogar de más inmigrantes que nunca antes en la historia, casi el sesenta por ciento de neoyorquinos viven en hogares con al menos un inmigrante y más de un millón d

Queens Immigrants Rally for Adult Literacy at City Hall

New York, NY (June 6, 2018) - On June 6, Magdalena Navarette and hundreds of other Adult Literacy advocates stormed City Hall to urge Mayor DeBlasio to restore 12 million dollars for Adult Literacy Education.

Meet Your Neighbor: Magdalena Navarrete

On September 11, 2001 I turned on the TV and saw a plane had just struck the World Trade Center. My husband was in the basement of the North Tower at the time. I called him and we spoke briefly. He made it out at 9:30, just before the building collapsed. Many of his friends didn’t make it.

Queens Chronicle: English learners rally to save their classes

Iris Sempertegui moved to Forest Hills from her native Ecuador just five months ago, but her still somewhat broken English is decently understandable.

Forest Hills Garden Blog: QCH expands ESOL program

Forest Hills-based nonprofit Queens Community House has expanded the reach of its English for Speakers of Other Languages program by adding free classes through the its Beacon Program at P.S. 149 in Jackson Heights.

Queens Community House offers new classes in Jackson Heights, free of charge


Queens Community House offers new ESOL classes in Jackson Heights, free of charge

Adult ESOL Students Receive First Library Cards


Adult ESOL Students Receive First Library Cards - An organization looks at adult literacy as one way to build healthy communities in Queens

Meet Your Neighbor: Miriam Elkhouly

“I was a lawyer in my home country, Peru. When the political climate changed, I lost my job and found it very difficult to find another position.

Meet Your Neighbors: The Alfaro Sisters

“Our family came to the United States from El Salvador. My sister and I came to QCH for the English classes; we wanted to communicate better with people. The way they teach us here is better than any other place I’ve been.

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