NY1: Queens Community House hosts New York Floors Extreme Dance Cypher

Reporter Rayvin Bleu visited QCH to share our Dance Cypher event, sponsored by New York Floors Extreme.

This Segment aired on NY1 on January 20 and 21, 2018.

Queens Community House was honored to host New York Floors Extreme (N.Y.F.E.) Dance Cypher last Saturday, January 20, at our Forest Hills Community Center. The competition was presented by Jaze-Art Remote, DJ Chenzo, and The Breaks Kru. The competition drew participants from all over New York City and the surrounding areas. Competitors battled each other in four categories: breaking, popping, locking, and house. Winners took home $200 cash prize in each category. Many of the local break dancers, or b-boys and girls, train at the Queens Community House’s open practices on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights.


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