Meet Your Neighbor: Tom Marsh

"I worked at John Adams High School for 18 years and I was Dean for six of those years. But I had to retire early to work on recovering from cancer. I was depressed, but then I found the Pomonok Senior Center and I started feeling really inspired.

"I didn’t want to be a burden on my family. I wanted activity and fun, so I told the center director I would like to volunteer. I started off by teaching a meditation class. Now I work in our gardens – I even come in on the weekends to check on them. I just try to keep everything going well.

"Being at the senior center is just like being in junior high again - we get companionship and a warm, friendly place to go to, we have such a wide range of activities that never get boring, our community comes together and it doesn’t cost us a thing. I feel like I can keep on moving forward. I’m only 65 years old and the world is a big place to explore."

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