Meet Your Neighbor: Wendy Correa

"I first discovered photography at John Bowne High School in Flushing, Queens. It was offered as an elective. Once I saw a darkroom, the equipment, and paper dipped into a tray of chemicals for an image to appear, I thought to myself, "I need to learn this magic". I quickly saved enough money for my first 35mm film camera for $200. As a first-generation Peruvian American girl and the eldest of parents who did not know English, it was my responsibility to learn about the world and translate it to my parents. However, holding a camera was me translating the world I saw to myself. This is how I learned about my home, my community, and the streets of Corona, Queens.

After printing my own images and laying them all out, I was able to analyze what I saw in a deeper way and started to fall more in love with the art of capturing a moment. The moment was mine alone and soon my teacher noticed my passion growing. He submitted my work to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts for up-and-coming documentary photography. It was then I realized what I was meant to do in my life.

It was Queens and its entire world united in one city that allowed me to travel far yet so close. It opened my eyes to see the beauty in culture, food, and most of all, New York's people.

I worked with the Josephine Herrick Project, a nonprofit organization that puts cameras in people's hands as a form of rehabilitation, growing, and enhancing lives through photography. I am an advocate for art being the catalyst for self-exploration and healing. Today, I am a freelance Photo Editor for multiple publications and a freelance Teacher giving back to the art form that gave me my life.

Queens gives people a chance to be great. You just have to explore to find what is yours."

- Wendy Correa, JHP Photography Instructor for QCH's Summer Video & Photography Program

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You can find the awesome work of QCH’s Summer Video & Photography program on display at the Center at Maple Grove in Kew Gardens until September 20!

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