Alumni Return To Support Current Students At Satellite High School

All of our school-based programs have seen a sharp rise in migrant participants over the past year. At Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity, one of QCH’s transfer schools, our staff is committed to providing these newly-arrived students with the academic, emotional, and practical support needed to graduate, as well as to prepare them for life after high school. In addition to challenges faced by most teenagers, most of these students are also carrying trauma, have limited English proficiency, and are struggling to adjust to a new environment.

To support them, four alumni returned to the school on January 18 to participate in an alumni panel. Current students had the opportunity to hear from graduates who were once in similar circumstances. For students uncertain about their next steps, the panel provided a glimpse into the different paths they can take in pursuing education, trades, certifications, and careers, while connecting with others whose struggles and journeys are relatable to their own.

"I’m proud to be here because the program helped shape who I am today," said Juan-Valle Cruz, one of the panelists, who now works for the NYC Department of Education. "The panel gave me a chance to be an example for current students, showing them that if I can do it, so can they. They can make it through high school and into a career, despite all the obstacles, just like me.”

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