Queens job fair caters to 55-plus employment seekers

Queens, NY (May 29, 2018) - Older adults are working longer into their careers than ever before. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of adults age 55 and older who are working or actively seeking work is expected to increase faster than any other age range.

A number of factors contribute. Today’s older adults are better educated and expected to live longer than ever before. Additionally, changes to Social Security benefits and a resulting need to save more for retirement keep many older adults working past 65.

On May 25, Queens Community House (QCH) and Senator Joe Addabbo hosted their fourth annual Senior Job Fair at QCH's Kew Gardens Community Center. The fair was exclusively offered for adults aged 55 and over and provided career resources and contacts in a wide variety of employment fields.

“I feel like I can actually get my foot in the door here,” one attendee said. “When employers see my resume, they’re always impressed with my experience.  But it has to get into their hands somehow, and that’s been difficult for me.”

Hiring managers tend to assume older applicants are less creative, less productive, and more expensive to employ than early- or mid-career employees.

To the contrary, a 2010 study, The Cogito Study, proved 103 older workers (ages 65-80) out-scored 101 young adults (ages 20-31) in job performance when they compared the two groups on 12 different job-related tasks over 100 days. Test involved cognitive abilities, perceptual speed, and memory.

“Our older generations have so much to offer in the workforce,” says Kew Gardens Community Center Director Rachel Epstein. “Hiring managers have to look past the stereotypes that surround older employees and look at the facts. They are reliable, motivated, and often out-perform their younger colleagues.”

Over 100 older adults attended the event, as well as employers including NYC’s Department for the Aging and Access-A-Ride, amongst others.


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