Meet Your Neighbor: Hudson Navy

I was born in Iraq and earned my degree in Electronic Engineering in Israel. Then I moved to New York to begin my career. I worked in engineering for many years.

I’m married to my wife for 57 years. She is so beautiful. I have a son, two daughters and four grandchildren. I made sure all my children graduated from college. I have one daughter who is a registered nurse and another in economics.  My oldest, my son, is an electronic engineer just like me. I am proud of my children. 

I retired in 1996 and became very good at ballroom dancing. Now, I go to the Social Adult Day Services program at Queens Community House, and my favorite thing to do is paint. I value my art. One painting is hanging in the van that picks me up everyday. It has my name on it, so I’m very proud. I like coming here because I am always learning something new.

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