NHL.com: Street Hockey Program: Queens Community House - Ozone Park

The Islanders Street Hockey Program visited Queens Community House - Ozone Park on July 13. Campers at the QCH's Ozone Park location began their installment of Islanders Street Hockey today. Over 90 campers welcomed Islanders staff and mascot Sparky to teach them the fundamentals of the game. Students learned the importance of perfecting their passing, ball control, and shooting skills before facing off in tournament style games. Each player also had the chance to show off their offensive moves against Sparky in an one-on-one shootout. For many players this was the first time picking up a hockey stick. "Most of our campers have never seen hockey on television let alone played the game," said one camp counselor, "For the Islanders to bring a program like this into our space is great to open the kids eyes to a new sport and a new opportunity." Upon hearing that there was no official NHL play during summer a camper exclaimed, "I can't wait for October!"

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