Meet Your Neighbor: Rita Morales

"When I was in high school, there was a program that focused on helping students prepare for college, and I loved the counselor there. She provided me with so many helpful resources, from SAT prep courses to access to more books, but most importantly, she was one of the voices in my life that really encouraged me to pursue college. Her guidance is what led to my interest in becoming a school counselor myself, so that I could help any youth in the same position that I was in before.

Being a part of QCH's LTW at Queens Satellite HS for Opportunity, I notice that many of the youth feel more relaxed and willing to be open with us, and I think it's because we build emotional connections with them over time and they see we aren't solely focused on their academics. It reminds me of the meaningful relationship I had with my counselor when I was a high school student."

- Rita Morales, Education Specialist at QCH LTW at Queens Satellite High School For Opportunity


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