Meet Your Neighbor: Cesar Martinez

As an architect, I used to design projects in my country, Dominican Republic. I never considered moving to the United States, but one day, I was robbed at gunpoint in my house. Nothing was the same after that. This, and other details, led me to travel all over the US. Finally, I decided to move to New York in search of tranquility, security and a new beginning.

Studying English at Queens Community House gave me the confidence to interview for positions in my field. In interviews, I was told I had the experience, but that I’d have to improve my English to advance. Today, I am continuing to learn the language, while laying the foundations to return to my career.

I was never one to pursue the American Dream. I accept the reality and difficulties of being an immigrant in the US, regardless of skill level or experience. But, with determination, patience and support, I’m taking my life back.

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