Meet Your Neighbor: Pritika Aidasani

I needed a place where I could express myself freely without worrying about judgment from others, and that’s exactly what Access for Young Women (AFYW) has been for me.

I first heard about Queens Community House’s AFYW from my friend at JHS 157. We joined the same year. The three years I’ve spent with the program have been great.

What I love most about AFYW is that it has provided me with a safe space. Additionally, every meeting is another opportunity for us to learn, grow, improve our social skills, and stay informed on important issues.

One of the valuable lessons I learned was how to take control of any given situation I’m in. Being in this program has showed me how capable I am as a young woman.

A lasting memory for me as an AFYW participant is when a speaker stopped by to teach us about using literature and poetry as tools to express ourselves.

AFYW really is like our own small yet empowering community, and I enjoy being a part of it.

- Pritika Aidasani, Access for Young Women (AFYW) Program Participant

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