Meet Your Neighbor: Anil Maihepat

“I attend the after school Youth Development Center at Newtown High School. I’m taking the guitar class, where we learn how to play and then perform songs for visitors who stop by. It gives me a chance to express all my feelings and to concentrate, instead of thinking about the problems I have inside and outside school.

“My family doesn’t really like to talk about feelings; instead we just like to prove each other wrong. But at the center, it’s okay to show how you feel and you can work through it. Every other week, we have a meeting to discuss how we can make the school better for everyone. We also have times where we sit down and talk about how our school life is going and how we can socialize better with one another. The counselors have even given me good ideas on how to study for tests and now all my grades are up.

“If I have anything I need to talk about, I know that I can come to the QCH office to figure things out. This program gives us so many opportunities to be successful and create a greater future for ourselves.” 

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