Meet Your Neighbor: Michaelle

“Prior to learning about QCH, I was a provider at another childcare network, At the time, I thought it was good that the providers were left to their own devices. We didn’t have much oversight, there wasn’t much direction, and we didn’t get much information. I’ve been a provider with QCH’s Queens Childcare Network since 2019. Since that time, I can say that my daycare life and experience has changed drastically. I love being a provider with this network. At first, when I learned that there would be mandatory trainings with QCCN, I thought it seemed like a bit much, but over time, I feel that I evolved from being a great auntie that watches kids to an official educational provider. Ultimately, my program, my children, and I are a lot better now because of QCCN. Their great guidance and assistance have truly catapulted the quality of my program.”

- Michaelle, Childcare Provider of QCH’s Queens Childcare Network


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