Meet Your Neighbor: Rashel Rodriguez

"As a Queens native, I know how important community is and the role we all play. I have always taken pride in paying it forward. From being a member of QCH's Access for Young Women program during my teenage years, to providing case management and case assistance to those in need to now dedicating myself to bring seniors together and provide community especially during these trying times. Becoming a mother and provider during the pandemic has taught me so much about myself and my limitless capabilities. I've learned the importance of not only having community and a good support system but also the importance of providing one as well-- It all goes full circle. I take pride in being positive and spreading good vibrations to everyone around me."

Meet Your Neighbor is a blank canvas for the featured individual to share their story in a short, first-person format, giving QCH community members an opportunity to share their compelling stories. It could be about what we love about Queens, what led us to QCH, things we're passionate about, etc. Is there a QCH community member (program participant, staff, program leader, volunteer, etc.) you'd like featured in the Meet Your Neighbor series? Let me know (! Welcoming both written and video formats!

- Rashel Rodriguez, QCH Assistant Director of the Forest Hills Older Adult Center

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