Queens Community House Opens Search for Two Associate Executive Director Positions

Queens Community House (QCH) is launching a search for two (2) Associate Executive Director positions – an AED for Older Adult Services and an AED for Community Services. Both AEDs will be asked to lead and shape the overall vision and strategy of their respective divisions, as well as contribute to the strategic leadership of our multi-site, multi-service settlement house. We now have 34 program sites in 14 different neighborhoods across the borough, serving 26,000 people each year. Our annual operating budget is approximately $28 million.

QCH serves racially and economically diverse neighborhoods of Queens and we very much want to receive applications and inquiries from people of color and diverse identities. Each role/program area is a bit different (older adults being supported through senior centers, home delivered meals, etc.; and families and adults being supported through eviction prevention, case management, ESOL, etc.), but the common themes in what we are seeking are leaders who will be able to:

  • Embrace and promote QCH’s Mission and Vision;
  • Act as a champion for services at QCH and citywide;
  • Successfully manage and support supervisory staff;
  • Think creatively and strategically about program excellence and outcome measurement;
  • Craft and manage budgets with a focus on quality and constituent services; and
  • Join and collaborate with our strong QCH team with a high degree of confidence and humility.

Click here for a more detailed description of the AED for Older Adult Services position.

Click here for a more detailed description of the AED for Community Services position.

QCH has engaged Schall & Russo Planning Works, LLC to assist with this search. Interested candidates should email (noting “QCH-AED, Older Adults” or “QCH-AED, Community” in the subject line) a thoughtful cover letter and resume, in confidence, to: Steven Schall, Schall & Russo Planning Works, sschall@schallrusso.com.

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