2022 Spring Event - Celebrating Local Champions Reception

Please join Queens Community House for its Celebrating Local Champions Reception at The Forest Hills Stadium on May 18th at 6 pm. At this spectacular venue, neighbors and community stakeholders will get an opportunity to meet for an evening of fun and learning while honoring Toby Ann Stavisky and Andrew Hevesi, two of Queens' trailblazers. In addition, guests will have a chance to receive an insider tour of the stadium, the original home of the US Open.

There will be a cocktail reception and silent auction in the open-air garden of The Forest Hills Stadium. As a unique addition, we will have opportunities to connect with program participants and leadership.

Tickets are $100 each. This event will support community members throughout Queens.

Don't hesitate to contact Kate Miano at Kmiano@qchnyc.org with your questions.

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